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I am a 20-something year old cultivating some compassion, community, and curiosity whenever I can in a rather precarious, distressing, confusing, and wonderful world. The content and perspectives shared on this site are just a small part of my own complex story and journey and by no means do I believe what I share is the only truth. Of course, I like to imagine I have the secret recipe, but we all have our truths and ingredients.

When sharing content, it is from a place of compassion and (usually) awareness of imperfections and impermanence. There’s always more complexity and nuance.  And I, like hopefully everyone else?, am constantly evolving and growing every moment with every new interaction – trying to live in the question (thanks, Maria Rainer Rilke)

Some added spice to my secret recipe: Though we are always growing and immersing in the complexity of it all, I think it’s important to always be aware of the power dynamics and inequalities that exist in our current moment. Echoing the late Howard Zinn, “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.” And damn, the train just might be moving.

*Also, in my experiences and in my beautiful opinion, I’ve seen that objectivity is just subjectivity in disguise (sorry Journalism professors!). So, to be up front – the subjectivity I share with others will always be guided by a big heart and (hopefully) *some* humility.

Cheers to the journey & thanks for stopping by. LinkedIn resume & Adobe portfolio below 🙂  


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Always something to learn and unlearn


In darkness we’re born 
Forged through fire 


In community, breath, and power 
We are stardust borrowing time after all 


Cultivating in the garden of hope daily